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Low Frequency Smoke Alarms    
For High Frequency Loss and Deep Sleepers
"When 9 volt battery alarms aren't enough."
Attention, U.S. Veterans, you may qualify to receive a Loudenlow™ Hearing Impaired smoke alarm for free via your local Veterans Affairs office.   We have sold to many VA's who purchased units on behalf of veterans who had mild or moderate hearing loss.

(If you are unable to obtain from your VA, we offer a $20 military discount for those paying out of pocket.)

Contact your closest VA and ask for prosthetics (the category under which we fall).   We have provided smoke alarms to other veterans under section CFR 17.115 of the VHA Handbook which includes the following:

"Prosthetics. A broad term used to identify the total concept associated with replacing, supporting and/or complementing human anatomy impaired or destroyed as a result of trauma or disease. This term may be used to refer to orthotics, sensory aids, medical equipment, medical supplies, components, research, education and training, appliances, services, repairs, and any other related aspects of administering the total program."

We have provided smoke alarms for free to veterans via Contracting Officers at Veterans Affairs Departments.   Do not buy from us directly.   If you qualify your VA will purchase the alarms on your behalf.   Have them contact our company and remind them we offer discounts to VAs.   Thank you. And thank you for your service to our country.

Matt Darrow
The Darrow Company

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