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Low Frequency Smoke Alarms    
For High Frequency Loss and Deep Sleepers
"When 9 volt battery alarms aren't enough."

Community Outreach:

Starting in July, 2008, we intend to donate 3 (three) Loudenlow Model 1000s each month to nonprofit organizations who have immediate awareness of an individual or household in need of adequate fire protection and who cannot afford a Loudenlow.

This device is expensive by nature because Low Frequency is expensive to generate. Also, being a small company, we can't provide “mass production”, Wal-Mart type pricing. But we are also aware that many have contacted us in the past who were in need of a working smoke detector they could hear, but could not afford, or could not justify, the purchase of. The Loudenlow is the only truly low frequency smoke alarm available and we want to make it possible for more people to be able to have one since study after study has shown that high frequency devices are inadequate for so many people. Fire protection is a basic, fundamental resource that everyone in a modern society should have access to.

Therefore we wish to make a number of these devices available at no charge (except our shipping cost) each month. We do have a handful of restrictions:

We cannot donate directly to individuals. You must be a representative of a government-recognized not-for-profit organization. Individuals should not contact us directly as we do not have knowledge of the various resources in your particular location (we sell nationally and to Canada and Europe). Individuals seeking a donated Loudenlow might try the HLAA first (shhh.org) for info on local groups that might be able to assist. (I don't think the HLAA can directly facilitate, but they might help you find someone.) You might also try the AARP. (Note that Veterans are generally covered by insurance and can get Loudenlows through their local VA.) These groups may be able to help you find a local nonprofit which could act on your behalf. Please have someone from the nonprofit group contact us.

We ask that nonprofits pay the $10 shipping fee. Batteries (6AA) are not included. Otherwise the Loudenlow comes with the same 3 year limited warranty as usual and is brand new. Please take steps to ensure that the recipient uses the correct (alkaline) batteries and becomes familiarized with the instructions. This is very important.

We prefer to donate to agencies which are connected to the hearing impaired community since this is a better way for us to spread the word, but any nonprofit agency which has knowledge of a person or family in immediate need will be attended to.

We ask that the contact person be able to provide some basic info (address, phone number, or similar info for verification). A business card and/or a website address with “your.name.email@organization” is fine.

We also donate to Canadian nonprofit agencies, however, the shipping fee is significantly greater, about $17 or so.

We have set aside a limited number of devices for donation as we are able to afford. We thank you in advance for understanding that the process may take time and that we may not be able to accommodate everyone.

We don't require any particular tax information or paperwork. It is my guess that those groups which follow the guidelines above will be most easily and quickly accommodated.

I hope that people will discover and take advantage of this program.

Best regards,

Matt Darrow

Darrow Co.

If you are a representative seeking a donated Loudenlow on behalf of someone, please use the Contact page to let us know.